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Quality Dots, your partner for book productions, periodicals and other print productions

A wealth of knowledge and experience are at your disposal. By engaging us as a specialist, you will sail around the cliffs and shallows you may encounter in the graphic production process. So contact Quality Dots here and take advantage of the benefits we can offer you in the process!

Quality, sustainability and service are important, but cost also plays a not insignificant role. We don't just look at the cost of the printing itself, we also look wider. Does your printed matter have to be shipped? What kind of shipping packaging is smart to choose? And to what extent can you save on postage costs, by taking advantage of discounts Quality Dots can offer you through volume contracts we have agreed with distributors? Want to know what you can save? Request a no-obligation quote here.

Quality Dots focuses on clients who want lasting results when it comes to reducing total printing costs. Striving for the highest achievable quality of printing is a constant concern. You can count on advice from start to finish, where we look beyond the production of the product. What do you want to achieve with your product and what contribution can we make? For example, a cookbook that will be used in the kitchen has to meet different requirements than a catalog with navigation functions. And if a book with shipping packaging would become too big for the opening of a post box piece, we advise how to avoid too much distribution costs by reducing the thickness of such package.

Quality Dots is affiliated with trade association Royal Association of Graphic Industries KVGO and uses the terms of supply for the graphic arts industry.

grafische producties

Wat een prettige samenwerking met Quality Dots. Ik ben blij met het resultaat van mijn boek. Joost doet de naam van zijn bedrijf eer aan! Hij levert kwaliteit, is persoonlijk en denkt met de klant mee.


Quality Dots heeft meerdere drukwerken voor mij begeleid en verzorgd waarbij Joost altijd behulpzaam was en prettige communicatie had. Hij zocht ook altijd naar oplossingen wanneer ik iets met spoed nodig had. Ik ben erg tevreden over Quality Dots en beveel samenwerking met Joost aan.



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